Baked With Care, Addictive Pies, and Authentic Culture

Baked With Care, Addictive Pies, and Authentic Culture

We are proud to be a unique and authentic Ukrainian bakery. We are the first bakery in Washington to specialize in both pie rolls and traditional baked goods, catering to all customers in Auburn, WA. Our handcrafted pies and pastries are made with love, care, and the best ingredients for a truly authentic experience.

Our business story begins with a young girl who grew up surrounded by the aroma of dough rising on the stove, watching how the dough ripened, rose, and doubled. These are very special and warm memories that have stayed with her ever since.

She has always loved baking and baking traditions. Her goal of sharing all this specialness, emotion, and memory of the wonderful days of baking is what the business, Pie Style LLC, is all about. We make it our mission to convey traditional recipes, flavors, and aromas to our guests. We make use of the finest ingredients and strive to create a culinary masterpiece.

We want to encourage others to come and experience traditional baking, its sights and smells, and, of course, to taste the deliciousness for themselves. We provide our guests not only with a tasty treat but with a cultural experience as well.

Come and join us in celebrating Ukrainian culture and flavors in the United States. Order our handcrafted pies and pastries today and experience the true taste of Ukraine. All our pastries and pies will exceed all expectations. So, don’t wait; come and take a bite of the traditional flavors of Ukraine! For more information, feel free to contact us via email or phone.