Fresh Pastries to Make Your Day Bright

Fresh Pastries to Make Your Day Bright

We offer free consultation to all customers, 24/7 customer service, contactless delivery, and the convenience of ordering online. We want to make sure the moment you walk into our bakery is an unforgettable experience. We strive to cater to all customers with different needs. Whether you’re looking for a traditional Ukrainian recipe or one with a modern twist, we have something for everyone. 

Our products are made with the attention to detail and care that can only be achieved by handcrafting each pastry. Each pastry is carefully rolled, sprinkled, and creativity to bring flavors and textures to their customers’ tastebuds. The resulting pastries delight their customers with the perfect balance of sweetness and savory, coming in a broad array of flavors for all seasons. 

Passionate about preserving their grandmother’s recipes, each pastry is as unique as its customers. Every bake is crafted with care, from the ingredients to the texture to the flavor. Hwei & Ento nurture the heritage of Taiwanese pastries with the aid of their family’s years of experience, crafting each pastry made with tradition, love, and attention. 

Every day people rush to their bakeshop to experience the taste and quality of the pastries. For newcomers, their selection of scrumptious pastries and their skills to prepare them are not an easy combination. Handcrafted, flavorful and made with attention to detail - a treat you will delight in and find hard to resist! 

For no matter what kind of pastries you desire, Pie Style, LLC will not disappoint. From freshly baked blueberry bars to mouthwatering pineapple buns, the team's products are made with the utmost care to provide their customers with nothing but the best. Join the locals and explore the incredible tastes of the pastries from Pie Style, the pastries that shine with flavor and quality!